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Dr Rosanna Duncan, Leighanne Howells and Matthew Pike

Some of our clients include:

  • Welsh Assembly Government
    (various departments)
  • Department of Work and Pensions
  • Construction Skills
  • The Wallich
  • Equal Opportunities Commission
  • Sports Council for Wales
  • Adult Learning Inspectorate
  • Carmarthenshire County Council
  • Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council
  • Torfaen County Borough Council
  • Welsh Federation of Housing Associations
  • Welsh Women's Aid

Some of the projects we have worked on include:

  • Delivery of the 3 Month Self Employment Offer for the Long Term Unemployed (Department of Work and Pension and WAG)
  • Delivery of the Diversity Champion Project (WAG)
  • Business Growth Programme – Equality and Diversity Advice (WAG)
  • Research into the impact of physical regeneration on equality, diversity, human rights and community cohesion and the development of an Equality Impact Assessment tool (WAG)
  • Research into the housing needs of BME people in West Wales and the development of a BME Housing Strategy (West Wales Consortium)
  • A Review of UK Equality and Diversity Standards (WAG)
  • A Review of UK Equality and Diversity Qualifications (WAG)
  • Research in to the recruitment and Retention of Women and Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) people within the construction industry (ConstructionSkills)
  • Research into the factors affecting the recruitment of young people into construction related trades and professions (ConstructionSkills)
  • Potentia Project – Diversity Consultancy (WAG)
  • Review of the implementation of the BME Housing Action Plan for Wales (WAG)
  • Development of a Race and Housing Training Resource for Social Landlords in Wales (WAG)
  • Research into Gender Budgeting in Leisure Centres in Wales (Sports Council for Wales and EOC)
  • Organisation Wide Diversity Audit (Adult Learning Inspectorate)
  • National Childcare Study (Fusion Partnership / WAG)
  • Equality and Diversity Audit (Torfaen County Borough Council)

What do we do?

Research and Evaluation

EPS is expert in designing and implementing research and evaluation projects. Incorporating a wide range of topics, our bespoke solutions are intended to help businesses reach their goals effectively. Specific areas include:

Our work often combines quantitative and qualitative data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Our particular areas of expertise include: undertaking large-scale surveys (telephone, electronic and face-to-face); structured and semi-structured interviews; focus groups; facilitated activity based workshops; community consultation and participation; and literature reviews. We are particularly skilled at creating high quality research reports which incorporate high-quality analysis that transforms research findings into actionable recommendations that inform policy and practice.

Human Resource Management

We provide a full range of Human Resource (HR) services including Strategy development, development of policies and procedures and associated training and development. Specific topics include:

We are currently engaged by the Welsh Assembly Government to provide advice and support to business on a range of HR issues across Wales.

Diversity & Equality

EPS is at the leading edge of diversity, equality, human rights and inclusion. Organisations have both a moral and legal duty to ensure equality in all matters relating to employment and service delivery. EPS provides comprehensive services related to equality and diversity including:

EPS is currently engaged by the Welsh Assembly Government to support awareness raising and development of equality, diversity and inclusive practices within the 17 main Business Support providers in Wales.


Procurement procedures and practice are of vital importance to both commissioning organisations and contractors. From a legal perspective, commissioning organisations in the public sector have an obligation to ensure procedures and practices reflect equality of opportunity. From the contractor perspective the onus is increasingly upon providing evidence of compliance with equality and diversity principles and practices. EPS offers a range of services to ensure compliance with equality and diversity throughout the procurement process for both client and contractors. EPS is the first and only organisation in Wales licensed to audit and deliver the Committed 2 Equality standard. The C2E standard enables supplier organisations to verify compliance with public sector statutory duties.

Committed 2 Equality


Independent Audits are a useful way of assessing organisational performance in specific areas. EPS can design and implement a range of audits and surveys to meet the needs of organisations. Topics include

Training and Consultancy

EPS provides customised training and development/coaching and consultancy on a range of topics including:

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